14 signs your interview went well

Here are 14 signs your interview for your scientific job went well:


1. Your interview lasted longer than scheduled.

2. You are shown around the building.

3. You are introduced to other team members.

4. The interviewer asks you about your availability.

5. The interviewer asks you about your salary expectations.

6. The interviewer asks you to return for another round of interviews.

7. The interviewer takes time to answer your questions in full.

8. You are given a clear timeline of when a decision will be made.

9. The interviewer spends time trying to sell the advantages of the position to you.

10. You hear from your references that the interviewer has contacted them.

11. The interviewer demonstrates positive body language – e.g. smiling, good eye contact and nodding.

12. The interviewer gives you clues about their professional and personal lives.

13. Your interview covers topics beyond the science job description.

14. The interviewer reveals their frustration with the previous job holder.

If you are offered a job following your scientific job interview the next step is negotiating your salary.


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