Avoid Skype Interview Pitfalls

Skype interviews are a clear example of where technology has changed the way in which people can be recruited by organisations. It is likely that the prevalence of these kinds of interviews will increase over the coming months and years, especially as the UK workforce finds itself increasingly mobile, and people are often living a great distance from where they are interviewing.

There are many advantages of being part of a Skype interview, however, there are also some common mistakes which many people make when taking part in one. In this video Peter Smith, a Recruitment Consultant at CK Science highlights how to avoid pitfalls in a Skype interview. Watch his video below:

As with any interview, effective preparation is required to ensure that the interview starts on time. It is easy to think that a Skype interview is simply taking place at your own convenience and therefore that worst fear of being late for your interview can not happen. However, there are many things that could delay a Skype interview start. Things such as a laptop or device battery and internet connectivity could throw up potential obstacles to any Skype interview starting on time. Therefore just like a face to face interview, it is important that you foresee any potential difficulties that could impede the timeliness of the interview, and make efforts to address these before the interview start time.

Another trap that people can fall into with a Skype interview is to treat the entire affair as being somehow less formal than an in person interview. Whilst the interview being on skype may make it more convenient for a candidate, the usual rules of formality should apply. People need to remember to dress smartly, be respectful, and polite to their interviewers.

What is more, it is very important that people remember to ensure there are no distractions on their end that could disrupt the focus of an interview. The Skype interview should be as free from disruption as a regular interview would be. This means candidates should ensure they eliminate any potential disturbances such as music playing, general background noises, and people walking around. It is also important to remember that wherever a candidate decides to take their skype interview, that area will be in plain sight of the interviewers. It is therefore important that there is nothing in the background that may cause offence to an interviewer.

As with any interview, it is important to build rapport with your interviewers. Remember to try and maintain the best eye contact you can over a screen, which is important to ensure you develop a connection with your interviewers.

All the general rules regarding interviews apply. Remembering to research your company well is always important, as is familiarising yourself with any required technical knowledge and expertise. It is also important to ensure that your competency examples are up to scratch.

A Skype interview like any interview is a chance for you to show a potential employer all the skills you can offer their organisation. It is important to impress as ever, and just be aware of some of the pitfalls that you could fall into when interviewing over a web camera.

Author: Peter Smith, Recruitment Consultant

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