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How to Work With a Recruitment Agency: Watch Our Webinar

We hosted a webinar with the Royal Society of Chemistry last week themed ‘How to work with a recruitment agency’. The webinar has now been posted to RSC’s YouTube channel for you to rewatch and share with friends or colleagues who would like more information on how to work with a recruitment agency and the benefits […]

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Jobs in Science are on the Rise

Great news! Since March 2020, job hunters have seen a sharp decline in new jobs being listed globally. However, due to the recent lifting of some lockdown policies, job postings are now stabilising and beginning to rise again in the science sectors. This means that now could be the perfect time to search for a […]

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Why It Might Be Time to Look For a New Biotech Role

Consider the career goals you set yourself some time ago: have you achieved them? Are you on your way to achieving them?

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From Industry to Recruitment: Why Make the Jump?

Recruitment is a versatile career, valuing experience from a wide range of backgrounds. At CK Group, our recruitment consultants bring with them experience from sales and customer service, to roles within the industries we recruit for.

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Life Science Ireland Job Market Survey

We recently teamed up with Ireland based recruitment organisation CareerWise to find out the latest trends in the Irish job market for the life science sectors. Together we surveyed our candidates and the response was outstanding. Ireland is known as up and coming in global biopharma and life sciences, and the future is looking bright. […]

Live Science Job Market Survey

The benefits of using a specialised recruitment agency when applying for jobs

Finding the right job can be arduous for any one, and even more so when you work in a specialised industry or sector. If you are searching for a job in the science and clinical industry, working with a specialised recruitment agency such as CK Group could be the solution to your job-hunting challenges. Here […]

Why Ireland is so Attractive for Careers within the Life Sciences Sector

The Irish economy has turned full circle over the last 10 years, from the failing Celtic Tiger in the aftermath of the global economic crisis, to one of the fastest growing global economies – particularly in the STEM sectors. The life sciences and medical devices industries, in particular, are to the forefront of this growth […]

Graphic showing stats on recruitment on the pharma sector in Ireland.

How to start a career in chemistry – New Scientist

As part of our careers advice series with New Scientist Jobs, Victoria Walker who is a specialist in recruitment in the chemical industry has created her top tips to starting a career in chemistry and to where this could potentially take you. Take a look here:

An infographic outlining how to get a career in chemistry

How to increase your chances of finding a job at a careers fair

Do you have a careers fair coming up? Come prepared and enhance your chances of gaining a job with our top tips to help you make a lasting impression.

5 ways Chemistry has helped shape the modern world

The advancements in chemistry, especially materials chemistry, have allowed tech firms to experiment and create cutting edge products that are helping shape the world. In this article we highlight some key technological innovations that could not have happened without chemistry.

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