Biotech campaign: looking at career opportunities

This week as part of our biotechnology campaign we are looking at what career opportunities are available to those entering and progressing their career in manufacturing and production.

At this time the biotechnology industry is experiencing a period of massive growth which is directly impacting on the recruitment of new and experienced staff within the sector. We are now seeing a sharp increase in the demand for staff with new roles being created to help companies progress their product into market accurately and quickly.

The manufacturing side encompasses a wide array of jobs: manufacturing scientists, process scientists, operations management, quality control, site supervision, manufacturing process engineering, validation, quality assurance, supply chain and procurement.

With such a broad spectrum within Biomanufacturing there is a constant need for dynamic and innovative individuals who can cope with the constant fine-tuning to reinvention of manufacturing processes.

If this appeals to you watch our short video on how to progress your career 


Or click here to view our biotech campaign page


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CK Science consultant attends REACH training

CK’s senior consultant Vicki Walker attended the “REACH, Time to Plan” conference held in Runcorn last week on 4th June 2014. The event was hosted by Chemicals North West of which CK is a member, at The Heath Business Park in conjunction with the RSC.

The conference attracted a range of company representatives from Compliance Managers, to Senior Chemists, to Heads of R&D. The speakers offered an overview of the requirements and regulations made necessary by the legislation in the way of presentations from ECHA and HSE amongst others, as well as insight into what effect the regulations are having on SMEs (as well as some larger organisations) and how they’ve handled it so far.

Of particular interest was a continued theme of ensuring that companies need to start planning now for the next deadline in 2018, which is also likely to have an impact on resource required and staffing numbers.

Key take-home messages from the conference included the following:

  • Ensure you are aware of the responsibilities of your business whether you are a supplier, a downstream user or an article manufacturer.
  • REACH affects importers and manufacturers in different ways, and knowledge of your supply chain is important for knowing where you stand (particularly whether this supply chain goes outside of the EU).
  • The rules surrounding monomer and polymer manufacturers can be grey – be alert to which materials you need to register.
  • Even if you, as a supplier, feel that one of your products may not be as important to your portfolio as some others – consider your customers who may rely on that one product for their business ventures.
  • Ensure you know the ‘sunset’ dates for any SVHC chemicals you may be using – and whether your use is included in the authorised uses. Use of these chemicals will not be permitted after the ‘sunset’ date and penalties are in place for those who do not comply. You must ensure that you have submitted an authorisation request by the ‘apply by’ date (18 months before the ‘sunset’ date) otherwise you will not be able to use the chemical.
  •  Start planning now
  1. REACH implementation is likely to be a costly process, including but not limited to: registration fees, authorisation fees, data sharing fees, communication fees, legal/ contract fees, consultant/ recruitment fees, etc.
  2. You may wish to consider being Lead Registrant within your consortium unless you prefer to ‘go it alone’.
  3. Start thinking about your resources and whether you wish to employ a consultant, or a full time member of staff to train up in the years to come.
  4. For those that use contract testing facilities to analyse their products, be mindful that labs will be getting booked up the closer we get to the deadline and that they may have already started receiving bookings.
  5. Be aware that REACH-experienced individuals are already in short supply and that this will be a continued trend as we get closer to 2018.

If you unable to attend the conference and would like further details please click here to contact Vicki Walker


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CK’s Biotech campaign: Progressing your career in Research and Development

As part of our biotechnology campaign we are reviewing a selection of careers that are available to you if you wish to progress a career in the biotech industry. Today we are looking at furthering a career in research and development.

With the aging population in the UK and global population rises, there’s an increasing need for new medicines, sustainable food sources and sustainable energy.  Research and Development is key to solving these problems, and biotechnology is at the forefront of this research, which means the number and variety of vacancies will increase.

So it’s a great time to be involved with the biotech industry, with loads going on, from new biologics drugs in the pipeline and start ups producing next-generation medical devices, to sustainable food production using tissue culture and fermentation.

Sarah Farrow has made a short video giving advice and tips on how to progress your career in the biotech industry.

Watch Sarah’s video here

We have also just launched a survey to gain a better understanding of where you are in your career and to establish how CK Science can improve their biotech recruitment. If you would like to help us, please complete our survey

Biotech Survey


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Lego to release female scientist characters

The Guardian has reported that due to popular demand Lego have approved new designs for female scientist, palaeontologist and astronomer characters from its Lego Ideas online competition.

Eileen Kooijman a geoscience researcher from Sweden designed the mini figures with an online tool and submitted her idea to the Lego Ideas forum. The campaign had a slow start but it gained 10,000 supporters in one week.

Lego has been criticised in the past for its gender stereotyping in particular over Lego Friends, featuring slim female figurines that lock into pastel-painted settings such as a beauty salon and bakery.

Lego’s new “Research Institute” set is on track to be released in August 2014, the company said.


Search our latest science jobs here

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REC Jobs Outlook May 2014

The latest jobs outlook report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation makes positive reading for the science and manufacturing industries. Some of the key points from the survey include:

  • Business confidence is up 16% on the same period in 2013
  • 80% of employers in the science sector will be looking to increase their permanent headcount over the next year
  • 50% of employers in the sector will be looking to recruit additional contract staff
  • Smaller and medium sized businesses will recruit much quicker than larger organisations
  • Science, technology and engineering are three of the fastest growing areas in the UK economy

This continues the positive news that has been coming from employment reports in the science industries and can only be good news for employment growth and continued investment.

Click here if you would like more in depth information on this report contact Liam O’Connell, Operations Director at the CK Group


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CK Biotech campaign launches survey

CK Science have launched an industry survey today as part of their month long biotechnology campaign. The survey intends to identify where skilled individuals are located within the UK, the area of specialism and also highlights any potential skills gaps.

The survey, which is made up of just 14 short questions, is a direct result of the increased demand for biotechnology professionals from companies across the UK.

Complete our biotech survey here


CK Science launched the biotech campaign having recognised the need to support graduates and new entrants entering the industry during a period of high growth and demand, to ensure  they understand how the industry works, the various specialist careers available and how to build a long-lasting,  successful career in the industry.

Click here to visit our biotech campaign pages




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A multi-lingual Resourcer joins CK

This month Belen Usobiaga has joined the CK Group as a Resourcer focusing on European recruitment. Previously Belen worked with CK on a temporary basis helping develop the CK Engineers division.

As Belen is Spanish and speaks 7 languages, we know she will be of great benefit to our European recruitment team.

We wish Belen a successful and enjoyable career with the CK Group.


Meet the rest of our recruitment team here



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What’s the Future for Pharma?

Liam O’Connell, Operations Director at the CK Group attended the ‘What’s the Future for Pharma’ conference on 10th June run by the Yorkshire Chemical Focus (YCF).

This excellent event explored a number of exciting topics from global and European pharmaceutical and economic strategies through to novel areas of research ranging from regenerative medicines and naturally- derived medicines through to the patent cliff.

Speakers came from such notable organisations as Astra Zeneca, HGF, CrystecPharma and the University of Liverpool and it was hosted by YCF ( They also have a number of exciting events occurring in the near future including a conference on What’s The Future For Waste.

The CK Group are also delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring the YCFs 10th anniversary on  the 16th September.

If you would like any further information on any of these events get in touch with Liam O’Connell


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How to begin and develop a career in Technical Sales

As part of our biotechnology campaign Sarah Farrow a Scientific Recruiter who specialises in the biotechnology field speaks about how to begin and develop a career in Technical Sales.

Technical Sales jobs in the biotechnology industry can be fantastic as it gets you out of the office, enables you to utilise your technical expertise, and has some of the best earning potential in the industry.

Sarah in this video speaks about why technical sales is a great job, where most of the biotech companies are located and what employers are looking for in a potential employee. She also speaks about what is involved in Technical Sales role.


Watch this video here


Find out more about our campaign and other featured sectors here




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Advice on careers in Industrial Fermentation

As part of our biotechnology campaign we are reviewing a selection of careers that are available to you if you are considering a career in the biotech industry. Today we are looking at careers in Industrial Fermentation.

Within the life science sector the use of industrial fermentation processes is on the increase as more and more CRO’s (contract research organisations) or CMO (contract manufacturing organisations) use it to develop and manufacture recombinant proteins.

With a career in Fermentation you will have the option of working across the globe as many companies as the processes are used everywhere; however in the UK most hubs are located in:

  • Central Belt of Scotland
  • Teesside in North East England
  • Liverpool in North West England
  • Cambridge and Slough in South East England

Click here to watch the Fermentation video for more information

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CK’s biotech campaign – a career in Medical Devices

As part of our biotechnology campaign we are reviewing a selection of careers that are available to you if you are considering a career in the biotech industry. Today we are looking at Medical Devices.

Medical Devices covers a wide range of product groups, including disposable items such as face masks and syringes, through to surgical implements and instrument monitoring. Covering all the life science industries, medical devices is a diverse industry to work within and demand for qualified, motivated people is on the increase.

For more information on a career in Medical Devices click here to watch our video

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Advice tips for graduates on how to develop a career in Molecular and Cell Biology

The molecular and cell biology sectors of the biotechnology industry are rapidly growing in size and demand, as such employers are looking for graduates with an interest in these areas.

As part of our biotechnology campaign,  Naynesh Mistry, an experienced recruiter in the biotechnology industry has made a short video where he gives advice on what career opportunities are available to graduates, where most companies in this sector are located and what skill sets employers are looking for.

He also speaks about why the molecular and cell biology fields are fantastic sectors to work in.

Watch the video here


To find out more about this campaign or other sectors of the biotechnology industry click here

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Careers in Protein, Peptides and Antibodies

As part of our biotechnology campaign this month we are doing a feature on some of the positions we are seeing a high demand for. Working with proteins, peptides and antibodies is one of those were companies are looking to employ talented individuals. With variety of roles open to you including Fermentation Scientist (click here to watch our Fermentation video), Synthetic Chemist, or work in areas like protein purification, quality control or assay development.

Manufacturers of proteins, peptides and antibodies can be found across the country, but industry hubs in the UK are in:

  • Cambridge
  • Slough
  • Central Belt of Scotland
  • Teesside in North East England
  • West Midlands
  • North West – Liverpool/Manchester

Click here to watch our video on this sector and how you can secure yourself a position

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Environmental sector confirms optimistic outlook

This month The Ends Report, providers of market intelligence for environmental professionals, have released a Environmental Careers 2014 supplement to review the current market, careers opportunities and a look at the future of the industry.

The environmental sector is now experience an uplift in staffing requirements with permanent placements rising at a rate not seen since 2010, statistics backed by the REC’s Tom Hadley, Director of Policy and Professional Services, says demand has definitely returned. “Before this was true of engineering and technology but now demand is spreading across the whole market.”

CK Science’s Operations Director Liam O’Connell also contributed, agreeing that CK Science figures reflected an uplift in new positions across the board. He also took the opportunity to highlight the upcoming challenges that we now face with a shortage of UK graduates to fill high demand roles.

To read the article in full click here

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How to build a career in the stem cell sector

Have you ever considered a career in the stem cell sector of the biotechnology industry? Stem cell is a truly exciting area where many companies are receiving funding and are investing in.

As part of our Biotechnology campaign, Jason Johal speaks in this video about why the stem cell sector is a brilliant area to work in. He also gives you tips and advice on how to build a career in the stem cell sector, where the majority of businesses are located and the types of skills employers are looking for.


Watch Jason’s short video here


To find out more about this campaign or other sectors of the biotechnology industry click here


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CK Science launch biotech campaign

This month CK Science is focussing on careers in the Biotechnology sector by launching a mini, video-led campaign aimed at graduates and recent entrants into the industry. Our aim is to give a better understanding of the careers available in the industry, and the skills most employers need.

The growth of biotechnology in the UK has been phenomenal and in recent years we have noticed a dramatic uplift in the demand for biotech professionals. This is largely due to a large number of biotech businesses emerging to explore new and innovative therapies. As a recruitment consultancy specialising in the scientific industry we are uniquely positioned to identify employment trends and skills shortages so feel we can share our expertise and knowledge with those that need it most.

Click here to visit our biotech campaign site

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KPMG/REC Latest Report on Jobs

The latest KPMG/REC Report on Jobs has been released and it makes very positive reading for the science sectors. The pace of growth of permanent vacancies has continued to grow, with the increase nearly back to February’s record figures. While the rise in temporary vacancies in the science field continues to increase, it is slower than on the permanent side which is a reflection of the growing confidence of employers to invest in staff long term.

The report reflects what we are seeing in the day to day job market with a decline in candidate availability and the fastest growth in permanent salaries since July 2007. As a result we are starting to see permanent salaries for scientists starting to rise at above inflation rates for the first time in over 5 years. This is what we have needed in the industry to help attract new graduates to whilst retaining the highly skilled specialists in the sector.

Science and engineering are among the fastest growing sectors in the economy, which is great news for our industry.

If you would like more information on this report or the current labour market contact Liam O’Connell at

Or click here to search our jobs



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CK Science promote Alex Tosney

CK Science is thrilled to announce that Alex Tosney has been promoted to the position of Recruitment Consultant.

Having joined the company in 2013 as a Resourcer, Alex was quickly promoted to Trainee Recruiter having shown skill and promise. Having spent 8 months learning the ropes, he has now been promoted to Recruitment Consultant.

Specialising in temporary recruitment across the whole scientific sector, Alex covers Midlands, Humberside, Yorkshire, the North West, Wales and Ireland.

Contact Alex if you are searching for a temporary contract/contractor



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CK Science Resourcer promoted

CK Science are pleased to announce they have promoted their Stevenage based Resourcer, Emily Major, to a Trainee Recruiter.

Emily, who joined CK Science in January 2014, quickly displayed a flair for recruitment after she made 8 placements in her first month. Her excellent telephone manner has meant she has been able to create strong relationships with candidates and with her bubbly personality she has quickly become one of the team at CK Science.

Click here to contact Emily


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