How to identify and select the right scientific candidate

Selecting the right candidates for science recruitment necessitates a lot of time and effort. It can be a challenging process. Putting into place a comprehensive recruitment strategy is essential to ensure any potential risk is eliminated when introducing new employees to the workplace.

The Interview Process

Conducting interviews successfully requires focus. It is important to listen to the candidate and to carefully verify thoughts and responses. Engaging with the candidate to reduce nerves is also essential in order to properly get to know them. Often more than one meeting is needed before a decision can be made regarding whether they are a good fit for the company.

Some firms like to involve other members of the team in the interview process. This can be helpful, as other employees can sometimes pick up on things those at management level may not. In addition, encouraging the interviewee to ask questions as well can create a less formal atmosphere. Beginning the interview with some more relaxed, slightly less demanding questions before asking anything more complex will also serve to reduce anxiety for the candidate and allow them to answer calmly and with more accuracy.

Integral to the whole process are candidate CVs. Use these to engage in a more personal way with the candidate, such as discussing interests and hobbies as well as asking about previous jobs.

Having made a short list of potential candidates, it can be useful to get them to undertake a practical assessment, such as a report or presentation. The objective is not to look for perfect knowledge or presenting skills, but to ascertain how well each candidate performs under pressure.

Using a science recruitment agency can be the most cost-effective way to source new employees, especially where there is a specific role to fill. It is important to remember when hiring that whoever is chosen to fill each role will not only represent a valuable cog in the company ‘machine’ but may also play a part in representing the company externally. Technically brilliant candidates are not always the most socially able and vice versa.

The very best candidates are typically snapped up very quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to move quickly to avoid losing them to a rival firm. We are experienced in the recruitment process, including identifying, attracting and engaging top candidates. Take a look at our recruitment solutions today.

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