Contracting options

If you have accepted a temporary job through CK Science or if you are a professional contractor seeking a payroll platform to be able to deliver your flexible services to your client, then we will be here to help you.  CK Science has a very strong payroll team and has been working with contractors to provide tailored payroll services since 1991.

Depending on the nature of the work that you accept, the company, and your own personal circumstances there may be a few options of how you choose to work. Here are a few options that we offer:

PAYE Basis

If you choose to work on a PAYE basis this means that you are employed by CK Science, and CK Science is responsible for your Employers National Insurance contributions, holiday pay, and manage your payroll. This is a hassle-free and admin light way of working as a contractor. Most importantly CK does not charge you for this service, your wage is not affected.


If you are a professional contractor, you may be able to satisfy certain criteria that enables you to work:

Through your own limited company:

You will be responsible for your own employment responsibilities and this option can give you more flexibility to manage your own finance, contractual and tax affairs.  We do recommend that you speak with your accountant before pursuing this option. There normally is an amount that needs to earnt in order to make this worthwhile for you. Take a look at more information about working through a limited company here.

Through an Umbrella company:

Working through an Umbrella company is an alternative to working through your own company or working as a CK Employee. This can provide some flexibility and reduce some of your administrative duties. Although there will be the Umbrella company fee to pay. CK works with numerous Umbrella companies in order to pay contractors if the contractor wishes it, we do have a preferred list of trusted suppliers though.

IR35 options:

If you are a contractor seeking a platform to be able to deliver your flexible services to your client, CK is able to offer you a payroll solution with weekly or monthly payroll, expenses processing, access to a private health scheme and pension facilities.

Unlike umbrella companies, CK Group will not charge you for this service. CK Science provides a personalised and tailored service as we appreciate that everybody’s circumstances are different. We are able to work with you under any of the above options provided you are legally compliant.

If you are interested in this service, contact us here.

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Contracting options

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