Students: What can you do whilst on lockdown to advance your career?

Here at CK, we have recently been inundated with questions from those job hunting within the science and technology sectors, asking about the types of activities that will help them to stay competitive whilst on lockdown and add value to their career.

Our Managing Director, Jonathan Hart-Smith, has put together a short video for students who may be missing out on gaining essential lab experience this summer.

First of all, don’t panic! Many individuals like you are unable to access laboratories at the moment, and this is something that employers will not penalise you for.

In order to demonstrate that you have used your time wisely and stayed proactive, we recommend undertaking some desk research within your area of interest that will be relevant to your future career. Could you produce a report or paper that benefits your interests?

If you are going into your final year, use this time to prepare. Background reading and utilising your university’s resources over the summer will make it much easier to get back up and running and progress with your final projects.

You may also like to think about undertaking some extra learning and upskilling in other areas, via an online course, for example. You could take up another language or look into developing your computer skills in order to complement your career development.

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