What are the top pharmaceutical jobs?

The pharmaceutical industry is massive. Ill-health and disease steals tens of millions of lives every year, so a lot of money is invested in the search for new drugs. Many people enter the pharmaceutical industry because they want to make a difference, but it is useful to remember that many pharmaceutical jobs are also very well paid.

The sector is predicted to continue growing over the next five years. The continued development of strategic new drugs and therapeutic vaccines presents great opportunities for scientists and sales reps alike, so if you are considering a career in the pharmaceutical industry, the future looks bright.

Here is a list of the five top pharmaceutical jobs.

1. Biotechnology Senior Research Scientist

Senior research scientists are at the top of their game. They are responsible for managing research projects, making applications for research funding, reporting back on research findings, and keeping a close eye on new technologies. A familiarity with software development and IT is also desirable in the high-tech world of today. To reach this level within a pharmaceutical company, you need to have a broad skillset, which includes project management experience as well as plenty of time served in clinical research.

2. Research Scientists

Research scientists work in the laboratory or out in the field. To qualify for a position as a research scientist, you will need to have experience of laboratory procedures, including setting up and monitoring experiments. Research scientists typically write the proposals for research funding, so excellent writing skills are required, as well as the ability to present findings clearly and concisely.

3. Field Sales Reps

Field sales reps may not have experience of working in a laboratory setting, but they do need to have a thorough understanding of the products they sell. Sales reps are responsible for selling a pharmaceutical company’s products to new and existing customers. Excellent social skills are essential. If you are good at your job, your earnings potential will be very high.

4. Pharmaceutical Financial Analyst

The pharmaceuticals industry is first and foremost a business. Pharmaceutical companies are in the game to make money – serious money – so financial analysts are employed to make sure the business is stable and profitable. Your job is to advise management on which investments are likely to be the most profitable, as well as the areas where cost savings can be made. Pharmaceutical financial analysts will normally have a background in finance rather than pharmaceuticals.

5. Pharmacist

A career as a pharmacist is generally seen as less attractive than medicine, but if you want to be at the cutting edge of pharmaceutical technology whilst retaining a degree of patient interaction, this is the career for you. To get your foot in the door, look for summer internships or placements, as these will give the experience required once you have graduated from university.

Jobs in the pharmaceuticals industry are highly sought after and competition is fierce. You will need the right qualifications and an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline is essential for research-based careers.


For advice on how to plan your pharmaceutical job search click here



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Finding the right candidates for science recruitment

Selecting the right candidates for science recruitment necessitates a lot of time and effort. It can be a challenging process. Putting into place a comprehensive recruitment strategy is essential to ensure any potential risk is eliminated when introducing new employees to the workplace.

We have written some advice to help guide your through the interview process.

Click here to read in full


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Sarah speaks at Durham University careers event

Sarah Farrow attended the Explore Science Event held at Durham University on Wednesday the 16th of March 2016. This event was held by the careers team at Durham university and was aimed at science based undergraduates, postgraduate researchers or post doctorates.

Sarah, a Senior Recruitment Consultant was asked to give a presentation highlighting her own career path, what specialist recruitment organisations can offer candidates and how to get a job in science. She underscored that recruiters can offer candidates interview and careers advice as well as introducing them to a range of organisations from blue chip pharmaceutical organisations to new industry start up enterprises.

Other presentations were given from a Sales Manager from Heraeus and from medical graduates who have found relevant jobs.

The event went really well and some valuable information was given to the attendees.

If you are interested in gaining more careers advice visit our chemical careers advice area here

Watch our chemical careers webinar here

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Science jobs of the week: 24/09/2015

Here are our latest science jobs in this week: 24/09/2015:

Yorkshire jobs:

GC-MS Field Maintenance Engineer – York


South East jobs:

Market Research Associate – Basingstoke

Senior QC Plant Chemist – Hampshire

Pool Water Treatment Consultant – London

Synthetic Organic Chemist – Hertfordshire

Production Operator – Home Counties

Packaging Technologist – Home Counties

Supply Chain Programme Manager – Hertfordshire

Validation Coordinator – Berkshire


Midlands jobs:

Sales Specialist (Molecular Biology) – Field

Chemical Process Operator – Derbyshire

Technical Manager – West Midlands

Laboratory Technician – Staffordshire

Waste Team Leader – Birmingham


North West jobs:

Product Designer / Colour Formulator – Merseyside

Product Development Chemist – Merseyside

Analytical Chemist – Lancashire

Shift Quality Control Technicians – Merseyside


North East jobs

Stability Analyst – County Durham

Laboratory Technician – Haltwhistle


Scotland jobs

Global Regulatory Compliance Specialist – Aberdeen


Northern Ireland jobs

Senior Analysts – Northern Ireland



Scientist (Quality by Design) – Iceland

Senior QA Specialists – Ireland


If these are not quite right for you, why don’t you search our other jobs here



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Jobs of the Week: 24/07/2014

Here are our latest jobs in this week 24/07/2014:


Home Counties:

Senior Analytical Scientist – Herts

Analytical Scientist – Hertfordshire

Organic Analyst – Kent

Assistant Technical Service Manager – Essex

Senior Chemist – Raw Material Change, Surrey

Site Chemist – Bedfordshire

Research Biologist – Hertfordshire


South Coast:

Senior Scientist – Hampshire



Team Leader Pharmaceutical Sciences – Cambs

Senior QA Advisor – Cambridgeshire


North East:

QA Administrator – Newcastle

QA Officer in Newcastle

QA Officer – Durham

Contract Validation Engineer in Newcastle

Research Scientist in Teesside

QA Technician – Teesside

Quality Assurance Officer – Middlesbrough



Project Operations Manager, South Yorkshire


North West:

Development Chemist, Greater Manchester




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Fermentation Scientist – Teesside

Sarah Farrow at CK Science is recruiting for a Fermentation Scientist to be based in Teesside at an innovative biotechnology company.

The job, which has a permanent contract, would see you being responsible for the preparation of culture media, the set-up and operation of bench-top fermenters and the fermentation of microbial strains in order to achieve maximum yield of bioproducts.

You must be qualified to a minimum of BSc level in life sciences or a relevant field.

For more information on this role, or for how to apply, please click here


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Jobs of the Week 10/07/2014

Here are our latest jobs in this week 10/07/2014:


All of UK:

Innovation Assessor Stratified Medicines – UK  (Anywhere)

Lead Technologist Precision Medicine Catapult – UK (Anywhere)

Innovation Assessor Stratified Medicines – UK (Anywhere)

Innovation Development Assessor-Precision Medicine – UK (Anywhere)


Home counties:

QA Microbiologist – Sussex

Quality Manager – London

Analytical Chemist – Hertfordshire

Microbiologist – Hertfordshire

Shift Laboratory Analyst – Berkshire

Microbiologist – Berkshire



Project Manager (NPD) – East Midlands



Laboratory Analyst in Irvine

Chemist in Aberdeen



Business Unit Specialist – Ireland


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The future of biotech

As CK Science’ review of careers in the biotech industry is coming to an end, we decided to look at the future of the industry and what it holds in terms of future developments and career opportunities.

Watch our video here


Currently the biotech industry is worth trillions of pounds, and provides millions of jobs. Not to mention it has become part of our daily lives from the clothes we wear, to the food we eat, the medicines we use and even the fuel we use to get us around.

So whether it’s healthcare, industrial or agricultural biotechnology it is one of the most exciting and innovative industries in the world to be in at this time.

And with such a broad spectrum of companies and roles ranging from manufacturing to development to regulatory to commercial release, if you are looking for a long term career then you can’t go far wrong with a move into or developing your career within biotech.

Search our biotechnology jobs


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Jobs of the Week: 26/06/2014

Here are our latest jobs in this week 26/06/2014:



Qualified Person – East Midlands

Packaging Technologist – East Midlands

Internal Salesperson, West Midlands

Drivers  – Wolverhampton

Product Manager, Staffordshire


North West:

Fermentation Process Operator – Liverpool

Assay Development Manager – North West

Microbiologist – Blackpool


North East:

Lab Analyst – Redcar

Lab Analyst – Hartlepool

National Sales Executive – Pharmaceuticals – North East

REACH Coordinator – North East

Part Time Laboratory Technician – Teesside



Head of Research & Development, South Wales



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How to begin and develop a career in Technical Sales

As part of our biotechnology campaign Sarah Farrow a Scientific Recruiter who specialises in the biotechnology field speaks about how to begin and develop a career in Technical Sales.

Technical Sales jobs in the biotechnology industry can be fantastic as it gets you out of the office, enables you to utilise your technical expertise, and has some of the best earning potential in the industry.

Sarah in this video speaks about why technical sales is a great job, where most of the biotech companies are located and what employers are looking for in a potential employee. She also speaks about what is involved in Technical Sales role.


Watch this video here


Find out more about our campaign and other featured sectors here




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Careers in Protein, Peptides and Antibodies

As part of our biotechnology campaign this month we are doing a feature on some of the positions we are seeing a high demand for. Working with proteins, peptides and antibodies is one of those were companies are looking to employ talented individuals. With variety of roles open to you including Fermentation Scientist (click here to watch our Fermentation video), Synthetic Chemist, or work in areas like protein purification, quality control or assay development.

Manufacturers of proteins, peptides and antibodies can be found across the country, but industry hubs in the UK are in:

  • Cambridge
  • Slough
  • Central Belt of Scotland
  • Teesside in North East England
  • West Midlands
  • North West – Liverpool/Manchester

Click here to watch our video on this sector and how you can secure yourself a position

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How to build a career in the stem cell sector

Have you ever considered a career in the stem cell sector of the biotechnology industry? Stem cell is a truly exciting area where many companies are receiving funding and are investing in.

As part of our Biotechnology campaign, Jason Johal speaks in this video about why the stem cell sector is a brilliant area to work in. He also gives you tips and advice on how to build a career in the stem cell sector, where the majority of businesses are located and the types of skills employers are looking for.


Watch Jason’s short video here


To find out more about this campaign or other sectors of the biotechnology industry click here


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CK Science launch biotech campaign

This month CK Science is focussing on careers in the Biotechnology sector by launching a mini, video-led campaign aimed at graduates and recent entrants into the industry. Our aim is to give a better understanding of the careers available in the industry, and the skills most employers need.

The growth of biotechnology in the UK has been phenomenal and in recent years we have noticed a dramatic uplift in the demand for biotech professionals. This is largely due to a large number of biotech businesses emerging to explore new and innovative therapies. As a recruitment consultancy specialising in the scientific industry we are uniquely positioned to identify employment trends and skills shortages so feel we can share our expertise and knowledge with those that need it most.

Click here to visit our biotech campaign site

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KPMG/REC Latest Report on Jobs

The latest KPMG/REC Report on Jobs has been released and it makes very positive reading for the science sectors. The pace of growth of permanent vacancies has continued to grow, with the increase nearly back to February’s record figures. While the rise in temporary vacancies in the science field continues to increase, it is slower than on the permanent side which is a reflection of the growing confidence of employers to invest in staff long term.

The report reflects what we are seeing in the day to day job market with a decline in candidate availability and the fastest growth in permanent salaries since July 2007. As a result we are starting to see permanent salaries for scientists starting to rise at above inflation rates for the first time in over 5 years. This is what we have needed in the industry to help attract new graduates to whilst retaining the highly skilled specialists in the sector.

Science and engineering are among the fastest growing sectors in the economy, which is great news for our industry.

If you would like more information on this report or the current labour market contact Liam O’Connell at loconnell@ckagroup.co.uk

Or click here to search our jobs



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CK Science launch mobile website

CK Science has launched two new features to their website that aims to enhance the user experience and simplify the job application process regardless of your device, these are:

  1. an interactive, new mobile website with functionality that takes mobile job searching one step further
  2. the new ‘email a job’ function which adds another level of usability to job seekers

The mobile site provides the ultimate job-hunting-on-the-move experience by accepting job applications from registered CK+ users. It also gives access to many of the desktop site features, including job searching, news updates, access to your CK+ account and even our range of videos.

The new ‘email a job’ feature has been tailor-made to personalise the job hunting process for mobile device users. Designed with simplicity in mind, it enables candidates to send jobs of interest to their email account so they can apply later. The email a job function is also available on the mobile site so whether you are registered as a CK+ member or not, you do not have to miss out on the perfect job.

CK Science is committed to continually developing the website to ensure our candidates get the best user experience. Keep an eye open for further developments throughout 2014.

Join us on our LinkedIn page to give us feedback on our new website


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Biodiesel developed using bacteria

As reported in chemweek.com. UK researchers at the University of Essex have developed technology that enables that them to produce biodiesel from the E. coli bacteria. The technology is almost identical to conventional biofuel, is still in trial.   The E. coli bacteria naturally turn sugars into fat, to build their cell membranes and the synthetic fuel oil molecules can be created by harnessing this natural oil production process.

“Replacing conventional diesel with a carbon neutral biofuel in commercial volumes would be a tremendous step toward meeting our target of an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Global demand for energy is rising, and a fuel that is independent of both global oil price fluctuations and political instability is an increasingly attractive prospect,” says John Love, professor of biosciences at the University of Exeter.

To read this article in full click here

Are you interested in a Biotech career?

Click here to view our Biotech jobs

Biotechnology Recruitment at CK Science    Biotechnology Recruitment at CK Science

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Big Biotech companies proving more valuable

Pharmatimes reports today that big biotech companies are frequently demonstrating that they are better positioned to respond to the needs of the healthcare system than big pharmaceutical companies.

As healthcare shifts towards a new value-based focus biotech companies have been seen to outpace their pharmaceutical counterparts in terms of growth income, investment in R&D and market cap over the past three years, according to analysis undertake by life science financial services firm, Burrill & Co.

“As the industry migrates away from an era of the one-size-fits-all blockbuster, the biotechnology industry’s strength at developing innovative therapies that meet unmet medical needs and target the molecular mechanisms of diseases gives it an upper hand in creating value,” said the firm’s chief executive, G Steven Burrill.

Big Biotech experienced a 57% increase in market cap for the three years ended December 31, 2012, as the total value of the group climbed to $260.6 billion from $160.1 billion at the end of 2009, says the analysis. That compared to a 17.4% increase for Big Pharma during the same period as the market cap for the group climbed to a collective $1,257 billion from $1,070 billion.

“The big jump in the value of Big Biotech companies is not just a matter of investor speculation – these companies have had significant clinical and market successes that have driven their value higher,” Mr Burrill points out.

Are you  interested in a career in the biotech industry?

Click here to view our current job vacancies


Biotechnology Recruitment at CK Science    Biotechnology Recruitment at CK Science

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New £3.8 million research deal announced

As reported by The Pharma Times, Pfizer and Ziarco, a UK biotech firm, have announced a £3.8 million research deal to focus on anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic medicines.

Ziarco was set up by Mike Yeadon, former chief scientist at Pfizer, along with three other ex-Pfizer employees. Originally set up in Canterbury, Ziarco is a clinical stage biotechnology company which focuses on inflammatory and allergic diseases.

The start up has proven extremely successful and has so far secured licences to several anti-allergy and inflammation drug candidates from Pfizer and has confirmed £3.75 million of a £16.8 million Series A round of financing from lead investor Biotechnology Value Fund and Pfizer Venture Investments.

Ziarco has now entered into an agreement with Pfizer for the exclusive worldwide rights to commercialise a portfolio of clinical, pre-clinical and research anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic assets. Pfizer will receive equity and Ziarco will use the proceeds to invest in the further research and development.

Dr Mike Yeadon, chief executive of Ziarco, said: “Ziarco was founded to address the significant need that still exists for new, more effective ways to treat disorders underpinned by inflammatory and allergic pathobiology. Each programme in development at Ziarco has the potential to be a first-in-class therapeutic and because they target critical points within inflammatory and allergic pathways they offer treatment options for diverse and difficult to manage diseases.

“Not only are we very fortunate at such an early stage in the company’s development to have licensed significant assets from Pfizer and secured funding from Biotechnology Venture Fund and Pfizer Venture Investments to progress development of these innovative therapeutic agents, but we have in place a highly experienced team which has deep knowledge of these programmes and has the passion and expertise to deliver.”


Are you looking for a new position in the biotechnology industry?

Click here to search our biotech jobs online now.


Pfizer and UK biotech firm announce £3.8 million research deal   Pfizer and UK biotech firm announce £3.8 million research deal   Pfizer and UK biotech firm announce £3.8 million research deal   Pfizer and UK biotech firm announce £3.8 million research deal

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Protein Scientist – Grangemouth

Heather Deagle at CK Science is recruiting for a Protein Scientist for a major biotechnology company based in the Central Belt of Scotland, to work on initially a temporary contract that is very likely to go permanent.


As a Protein Scientist the key responsibilities will be too:

  • Develop processes for the conjugation, purification and formulation of antibody conjugates
  • Perform process robustness, characterisation and optimisation studies
  • Process scale up and transfer into our GMP facilities
  • Small scale drug linker synthesis

Qualifications and skills:

The successful candidate for this Protein Scientist role will have following qualifications and experience:

  • a minimum of a BSc degree in Biological/Biochemical Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering or related discipline with good practical lab experience.
  • You will also have experience / awareness of protein purification techniques such as: Chromatography, Filtration and Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)
  • You will also have Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, ability to work in a fast paced environment.

It would be desirable to have the following skills:

  • Previous biotech industry experience in process development or process scale up / manufacturing.
  • Knowledge of protein modification or conjugation chemistry

How to apply:

Apply online:

For more information or to apply for this Protein Scientist role please contact Heather Deagle on 0191 384 8905 or email hdeagle@ckscience.co.uk. Please quote reference  DH25140 in all correspondence.


Are you looking for a new role in Scotland?

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Our latest pharmaceutical and biotechnology jobs in Yorkshire

Here are a  few of our latest permanent pharmaceutical and biotechnology roles in Yorkshire


Click on the links below to see the job descriptions:

Senior Study Director-Protein Chemistry, Yorkshire

Project Manager (Biotechnology) – Yorkshire

Study Director – (Protein Chemistry) – Yorkshire


How to apply:

For more information or to apply for these roles please contact Naynesh Mistry on 0114 283 9956 or email nmistry@ckscience.co.uk


Are you looking for a new job in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries?

Click here to see our latest jobs in the pharmaceutical industry

Click here to see our latest jobs in the biotechnology industry

Click here to see our latest jobs in Yorkshire

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